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We take on responsibility

At Wieland Eucaro economic growth is in harmony with ecological and social responsibility.

REACH – a regulation of the European Union

Substances manufactured or imported into the EU by companies must be registered at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). This also extends to metals. Recycled substances are excluded from this registration. At Wieland, we use exclusively registered or recycled metals.

What is the purpose of REACH?REACH is a regulation issued by the European Union. Passed in June 2007, it is intended to protect human health and the environment against the potential risks of chemicals. The name is short for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”.

Especially substances of very high concern (SVHCs) are potential candidates for an authorisation procedure under the REACH regulation.

According to Art. 33 of the REACH regulation, we fulfil our obligation to inform unprompted our customers when our products contain SVHCs in excess of 0.1% by mass.None of our products contain substances listed in Annex XIV.

Substances subject to authorisation are listed in Annex XIV to the REACH regulation. On expiry of the so called sunset date, these substances may be used for those applications only that the European Commission has authorised explicitly. The last amendment to Annex XIV was passed by the EU Commission on 06 February 2020.

The semifinished products of copper and copper alloys that Wieland delivers are products as defined in the REACH regulation for which no safety data sheets need be provided.

Green ID – Wieland Eucaro Eucaro expands with ecological responsibility

We plan strategically, forward-looking and, above all, sustainable. Our buildings have been awarded as being “a work places of the future”.

A pleasant working environment was created with the use of wood and metal. 350 KWH specially produced photovoltaic power allows us to generate annual savings of about 30 % of our energy consumption. Overall, we reduce our CO 2 emissions by 150 to a year. With our new document management system we are on the way to become a paperless office.

Wieland Eucaro stands for economic growth in harmony with environmental and social responsibility.

You will find all certificates and deeds in our download area.

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